Bridging Science and Religion

A new traditionally structured faith based paradigm

Why US?

We value tradition, we are blessed by the Holy Spirit with significant scientific symbology that supports the evolution of thological progress and we align with your beliefs and values. Christ is the pinnacle of Good Faith Paradigm but is inclusive of just about every religious doctrine recorded at every point in humanities storied history.

What we offer

Good Faith Paradigm is the ultimate spiritual, religious and scientific exploration that kindles enthusaism for creation, life and God. We take your devotion seriously, after all, our good fortune is a product of many generations and we’re glad to pass that knowledge on to you.

We offer prayer and meditation cards that have several points of reference to several celestial objects. These objects are used for mnemonic purposes: a mind, memory, and memorization technique, so that there is a reference for building context about our place in the universe. Check out our posts or contact us directly for private online-sessions.

Coming soon. Our sister organization will be offering lifestyle services for individuals, communities, municiplaities and military.

Our values

Our search for answers is an amazing part of human culture but it has a dark side too – one of colonialism and mindless abuse of natural resources and human lives. We want to turn this around and return religion to it's exhilarating, empowering and unifying nature.

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