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Wed, Sep 25, 2013

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We’re proud to announce the launch of Good Faith Paradigm. Good Faith Paradigm is the culmination of several generations marked by the revelation of the Holy Spirit, the opening of a window, ushering in a new chapter at the beginning of the second millennia.

Our Vision

The mission of Good Faith Paradigm is to bring all religions under one umbrella through a common thread and to bridge science and religion.

A Little History

Jason had a near death experience in 2000. It was the most peaceful loving space he has ever encountered. It was also the first time he ever accepted the seperation between the physical and spiritual worlds.

In 2000 and 2001, Jason was encouraged by his sister Kristi to get involved in the electonic music dance scence. Jason, Kristi and Casey promoted two events, Destination Unknown and Above Ground.

Sometime in 2004, in Dallas, oppertunity and fate would meet and 2005 would unknowingly usher in a world of philosophical, mathmatical and spirtual wonder.

In 2004 after finishing up a recording arts degree from Dallas Sound Lab at the Las Colinas Movie Studios he started attending Westwood College of Technology for multi-media. It was during this time that he and Zach crossed paths.

Zach was attending Westwood for Architectual AutoCad, he is an Army vetern with a lofty non-profit vision. Zach envisioned Good Faith Paradigm to be a non-profit vetern rehabilitation reintegration project. It was and still is a very good project.

Jason had an idea for a non-profit project called Recreation and Recovery. Recreation and Recovery was a recovery program to encourage the adoption of healthy habits with community support to keep ourselves and our peers inspired and motivated, even if falling off the wagon every now and then, hence the term - Recreation and Recovery. (An empahsis on recreational activity, not the lesser desired trait - and muscle recovery.)

In 2011 Jason learned about a new age philosophy. 11:11. This revelation started a spirirtual journey that uncovered several additional metaphoric and symbolic synchronicities related to Chritianity and other religious doctrines. After identifing this collection of information, there was a sense of manifest destiny assosiated with these patterns that was discovered. With the task of describing what was gleaned from this research late in 2012 - the first summary and the 8 Newfound Revelations were written. Although there was a reluctance to use the name Good Faith Paradigm, Zach had asked Jason to design a card and in 2013 a perfect opperunity arose that felt right to do so. Jason had gone to Califonia to seek out a call. Following inner guidence from a stimulus that turned out to be significantly more rewarding than he could have imagined, the Good Faith Pardigm card was designed by the end of 2013.

Over the course of the next year, more scientific symbology and metaphors became apparent in the collection of assets that was being amassed. This was complimentary to the religious and spiritual symbology that was discovered the past years. The primary design card was intentionally created with natural phenomenoma to compliment poetry he had written called Eternal Life, so it wasn’t too far a stretch of imagination before all the other metaphors made sense.

In 2014 another trip to California would see the Golden Plates manifest.

It’s worth noting that each of these creations had no intentional use other than the one at hand. The way these elements, what have come to be refered to as the “Harps of God,” the cards, and the Golden Plates, work together, is a stroke of good luck or divine guidence.

With the entertainment events respectivly - the Golden Plates brought about a continuation of putting forth values that sparked his ambition in the first place.


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