Mon, Jun 15, 2020

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Merkabah is an old Jewish mystical belief about our spiritual essence. The bible and the sages have much to say about the, "Mer" means Light, "Ka" means Spirit, "Ba" means Body. Good Faith Paradigm uses the same philosphies, but applies them in ways that help you achieve a holistic lifestyle.


The Bible speaks of the Merkabah in terms of flying chariots, and is associated with the Throne of God. This chariot is described as being made of many Heavenly beings driven by the likeness of man.

Engaging Your Spirit

The traditional way to describe how the Merkabah works would be to conceptualize an animal, a human, at rest. At what point, and in which way does this being begin to go into motion.

The movement from rest to motion is the Merkabah taking its place in The Chariot and driving the body to it’s destination. If something you love is attacked and your will or instinct is to defend it, that is the protective Warrior spirit coming to light. If there is a child crying and you go to give assistance to soothe any uncomfortable condition, your Merkabah is attentive to the need of that being, and your ability to render aid, your Maternal spirit coming to light.

These are only a couple examples. You can take any walk of life and most any experience and explain how your divine light vehicle meshes with your reality. Your life-story is unique in that your minds-eye sees how a higher spirit guides you throughout life to get where you are today. Those tapped into this understanding are generally more aware of miracles in their day to day living.

What Practical Use Is There?

Now that we’ve described what the Merkabah is and how it functions, here’s some tips to help use this knowledge in a practical manner.

Our time and money are two assets we can leverage the term, Merkabah, to better understand, and refine ourselves. What we consume and how we spend our time speaks volumes to how we are aligned with our spirit.

When you buy food do you buy junk food or healthy nutritious wholesome foods? Whichever way you lean that is your conscious/sub-conscious, Merkabah, in movement gravitating towards what your conscious/sub-conscious fuels itself with. In the case you buy junk food it could be an underlying dependency - sugar for energy, for example, which may require more work to overcome and achieve a more wholesome mind, body and spirit.

Education material we seek out to increase our knowledge in subjects which intrests us is another form of our Merkabah at work. You may be a professor of a certain subject or a skilled tradesman, there is alot of material to help progress our understanding, but why do we select one source over another - especially on the whim? People with different expertise might give different reasons, but the case may be different for what speaks to each of us in that process. It is human nature to desire to attain our greatest level of skill and knowledge and it’s the Merkabah that helps that selection.

Use your Merkabah and continue prefecting this philosophy to understand how to use your conciousness to better your mind, body and spirit.

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