Mind, Body, Spirit

Mon, Aug 10, 2020

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Heatlh comes in many forms: mental, emotional, physical. Mind. Body. Spirit. The more we work on these aspects of our existence, the more likely we will have a better quality of life. This is the holistic approach to a healthier being.

Mind, Body, Spirit

Every so often a person strikes the right cord, and they discover the perfect balance to live a rewarding fulfilling life.


There are all types of material we can feed our mind’s with. Religious, self-help, educational, current events.

Religious text and self-help books provide uplifting spiritual nourishment for the direction of our lives. Practical guidance for family, work and interactions with both friend and foe. Those that have been down in despair give testimony to the healing power spiritual guidance provides.

Educational books inform us about the history of societies, the evolution of culture and understanding of different disciplines. We can become a master woodworker or understand the chemical properties of matter, learning how to shape and mold elements so that we can have shelter to reside in or create new medications to heal others.

The material that is absorbed reading about current events brings to our awareness issues that could inspire a career. We read reports of every great or tragic event, or greatness in spite of tragedy. Social workers, cops, firemen, military, doctors and many others are often motivated by stimulus experienced growing up emulating someone that inspired them or righting some injustice they saw.


Eating the right foods, moderate exercise and activities like yoga keep the body limber and strengthen our bones.

Nutrition plays a large role in maintaining a healthy BMI. Getting the right amount of nutrition from meats, vegetables, oats and grains gives us the fuel to think and perform efficiently. Optimizing our diet for our goals is important, as is being aware of how many calories are going in and how many are going out. Recording these metrics increases awareness and so does getting on a scale regualarly.

The right amount of exercise not only strengthens our bones, but it releases endorphins that help elevate our moods. Weight training, isometric, cardio and calisthenics will all activate the release of natural chemicals, put in the work and watch how you transform.


Consequently, all the effort that we put into working on the quality of our minds and bodies has the effect of increasing our spiritual awareness. When we feel good about ourselves and the discipline it takes to maintain or improve our condition, we are at peace with ourselves. Peace is not the event, it is the person in the event no matter what is going on.

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