The Quantum-Standard

Tue, Nov 30, 2021

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Good Faith Paradigm has spent several years working on perfecting the message we deliver. Our mission statement, "To bring all religions under one umbrella through a common thread and to bridge science and religion," is often met with remarks like, "That's a really ambitious goal." In casual conversation explaining how we achieve it is much less digestible than a show and tell.

The Quantum-Standard

With out covering many of the religious characteristics in this post - which are available as a PDF - we will focus on the science. There are two parts to the science: quantum mechanics and the standard model of physics. The PDF also contains additional explainers about science related information connected to the “Harps of God.”

Quantum Mechanics

The images aptly titled “Miracles of the Holy Spirit” is where we derive the quantum interpretation. One of the most well known quantum experiments is the double slit experiment. The experiment challenges our understanding of classical and wave properties of matter.

Jason first proposed in 2013 that quantum entanglement is the vehicle through which spiritual incarnation can be achieved in God’s Kingdom. Here are examples of different forms described in an assortment of religious doctrines.

  1. Any sperm that fertilizes an egg (heaven)
  2. To the core of a newly forming star (hot hell)
  3. In the ether of the dark matter (cold hell)
  4. Cell or virus replication - (heaven - at least it’s not hell?)
  5. Sperm that doesn’t fertilize an egg (You get the point ♻️)
  6. Biological life - with consciousness or without, even microbial that supports a higher conscious entity.

An Ethereum NFT that was designed to “marry” the images to explain the quantum correlations to the images linked above.

Standard Model of Physics

Quantum is not the only science we’ve developed ways to explain Good Faith Paradigm’s assets. The standard model of physics can be used to explain why the Kepler satellite has identified so many planets in the “Goldilocks Zone.”

With planets discovered in the Goldilocks Zone we make some big assumptions, mainly that those planets are made up of the heavier elements like those closest to our sun in our own solar system. Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. The planets made of the gassier elements have drifted further out to the edge of the solar system. The other assumption that we make is that due to this location in its orbit, it has the conditions that are necessary for liquid water.

Since our hypothesis speculates that these planets have a molten core like our own - we hypothesize that it has a magnetosphere. The magnetosphere is critical for life’s development on earth, and potentially - every planet in the universe that harbors advanced biological life.

An Ethereum NFT that was designed to showcase a habitable planet situated in place due to the laws based on the standard model of physics, in this instance - our home planet.

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